hardly could you imagine how harsh AL was
it’s totally a hell, steeping in many shitsss,
but you’re going to eat them all!!!!

i started to doubt myself,
whether i have the capability to deal with it..

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  1. man12210 says:

    hahaha my honeybb!of course you can deal with it!believe in yourself :):)u need support and i will support you no matter what hehe!!i’ll help you to pick antsi’ll help you practise oral!!yeahyeah!!no need to eat shit ^^just eat my BBjai la!!

  2. man12210 says:

    i like to eat your bbjai :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:i wanna public this entry, hoho :love: :love:

  3. man12210 says:

    😡 u wanna let others see our comments? about BBJAI XD

  4. man12210 says:

    :yes:let them know how ‘delicious’ your bbjai is ^O^

  5. man12210 says:

    唔得架!! 淨係比老公架嘛>< :nono:

  6. man12210 says:

    淨係俾老公知呀^^?好味道! :wave:

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