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a couple of years have gone…yet the scars are still herestill i cant kick them out of my heart…still i cant be healed… L-O-V-E is a term for ‘ridiculous’…. 我得承認我是個浪漫主義者嚮往淒美的愛情甚至是破碎的結局因為那才會刻骨銘心.. maybe someone can rescue me..? you promised me you’d be … Continue reading

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每天扮演著不同的角色符合著不同人的期望 那我想演的角色是什麼? 其實每個人心裡都有憧憬墮落的種子….

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27/11/2009– happy birthday to ranky – last year and this year! let’s see how different we are!(i think i was just the same..= =) PS:: 禁出街不如禁酒啦? 哈哈!(MISSION IMPOSSIBLE…)

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  他媽的! 看小說看上腦了我!那女主角真的很誘人! 真該死的誘人!  

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呢2晚飲野飲得十分盡興…. FROM NOW ON禁出街! 但我好憎做功課….. PS: 昨天看完一部悲劇小說心情久久都不能釋懷常常在腦海裡自行架構起那一幕…. 那的確 很心酸卻是一種悽然脫俗的美..

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hea左個幾月都仲未識驚 拎返d 鬥心出黎啦….

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次次溫中史都溫到我腦殘- –次次exam都好似淨係溫中史都唔夠溫咁!!!癲架! 成個ut一考完中史.. 即刻鬆一口氣-_-

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